Office cleaning

white corner desk

We are the best in Girona cleaning offices. We start by mopping the floor to collect dust and dirt.

Then, we use vacuum cleaners to clean the corners and edges, depending on the place we use battery-powered vacuum cleaners so as not to get in the way of power cables, so your customers or employees will not trip and you will save yourself from injuries.

Next, we clean the surfaces of the tables and desks. We use a special surface cleaner to remove stains and dirt. The products we use take care of the environment and are also more effective compared to those usually found in supermarkets. Your office will be a cleaner and more pleasant place, which will make your clients come back and be more comfortable.

Finally, we clean the windows and mirrors. We use cloths with micronanotechnology to remove residue and stains without scratching the glass.

to clean your office, we already come with:
- a mop
- a broom
- a vacuum cleaner
- a bottle of surface cleaner

Promotion in office cleaning:

Hire us before the end of the year, cleaning for 1 year, and you will get 1 month free.